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Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?

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‘Curiosity killed the cat’. This is a famous idiom-proverb which is often used to warn people of the dangers of investigating things. This raises my curiosity and the question as to why do people feel the need, to warn others of curiosity?

It is in our human nature to be curious and seek further information. Curiosity shapes thought processes and opinions yet why is curiosity such a taboo subject? A three-year-old often asks why to everything, again why is that? The answer is simply this: knowledge.

Young people are often told by adults they are children and should not have opinion on topics that spark their curiosity. However, young adults are then told they are grown and should think for themselves. Where is the logic in that? From this, it has ignited my curiosity as a young adult. I am curious, why do people shy away from curiosity?

Curiosity is a noun that stems from the adjective curious. It is just a word, however it ignites many conversations, and as a result conflict often arises from this. Curiosity is a natural reflex, however, being curious leads to privacy. People warn others to not ask questions about topics and subjects because of privacy. The idea of privacy and curiosity is interlinked. People shy away from curiosity because it can damage their reputation, or it invades their privacy.

Asking questions such as why, often makes us seems naïve, as on most occasions we already know the answer but being told by someone else the answers, makes situations seem real.

To me curiosity has shaped my ideology of the world and public relations. Understanding and knowing more makes us feel more powerful and intelligent. Knowledge is simply our power, the curiosity that we have feeds us and motivates us.

Now answering my question as to why people shy away from curiosity. People are curious, however they rather not know in order to keep peace or avoid the truth. Curiosity can be a strength but also a weakness. Asking questions that causes conflict is my strength, but it also creates tough conversations to be had with my peers.

To me, curiosity is a necessity. Without curiosity we would not know gravity exists, we would still be thinking the earth is flat and the sun revolves around us. Curiosity is often a taboo subject because people often find comfort in the known and discomfort from the unknown. As a young person I take pleasure in delving into the unknown. Searching for answers and asking questions to shape my curiosity.

To answer my question, did curiosity kill the cat? My answer is this: no. Keeping curiosity at bay is a form of control. Ask those tough questions to your friends and family. Delve into the unknown because knowledge is simply power. Find comfort in curiosity rather than seeking comfort in the known.

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